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Laurence Rezkalla, MD, FACP
American Board of Internal Medicine 
124 86th St.
 Brooklyn, NY 11209
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About Us

My church pastor referred me to Dr Rezkalla's office, He trusted him as his family physician for years. Dr Rezkalla has not only effectively managed my case with a balance of good judgement and cost efficiency, but more importantly, he diagnosed my case correctly after being diagnosed mistakenly for more than 7 years. Bay Ridge Medical Services helped me to get necessary tests sent to research labs overseas to get a complete evaluation that was not available in the US. at that time   I. T.
Bay Ridge Medical Services Clients
Bay Ridge Medical Services takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our patients in order to design a treatment plan that exceeds expectations. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We are proud to share these testimonials from our patients:

9 years ago, My previous physician put on multiple medications to treat my high blood pressure. I came to Dr. Rezkalla's office, he was able to work with me patiently. Right now I am taking only one medication and my blood pressure is completely under control since then. Thanks to Dr Rezkalla.   E. J.

Since I came to Dr Rezkalla's office more than 8 years ago, I felt his compassion and friendly atittude. No wonder I brought my family to be taken care of at Bay Ridge Medical Services. I feel safe here.   S. F.